Wolf JSC offers alternative solutions for heavy haulers transport and logistics on the territory of Bulgaria and Europe. Consistent with the European requirements our services meet your needs for cargo transport with non-standard weight, form, length and width.

The combinations of modules for heavy haulers transport enable stretching, lifting and connecting with the help of a variety of accessories like ramps, beams and adaptors. The flexibility of the way the modules work is due to different elements of the machines and the hydraulically operated axes. This allows taking turns, passing through uneven terrains and smooth transport.

The steadily expanding technical auto- and modular park of the company offers complex solutions in the heavy haulers transport. The newest acquisition being a hydraulic device for the transport of cisterns and tubes with a weight of up to 120 tones and length depending on the length of the cargo.

Wolf JSC organises the whole transport on conditions FOT-FOT, determines the route with the Central Road Department, organises commissions with the Central Road Department, the National Electric Company, the Road Traffic Control and the Bulgarian State Railroads, fortifies bridges, provides convoy form the Central Road Department. The company has also its own convoy cars. Wolf JSC provides permissions from the Central Road Department, which are coordinated with the Road Traffic Control.
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